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If you are meticulous and have high initiative to learn and improve themselves. Our Finance & Accounting team is not only required to do the job but also to understand the whole process in the company and to analyze and solve the problem that might arise in the working process. This is a challenging work that will need not only a basic accounting skill but also analytic skill and problem solving skill.

If You are:

* Energetic and Dynamic Person 
* Meticulous, Organized and pay attention to detail
* Cooperative, Innovative and open to new concepts and new ideas
* Good analytical thinking and have interest with Business Process
* Resilient individual and has courage to face unpredictable situation

Minimum requirements 
Graduates from Bachelor Degree of Accounting 
* GPA Min. 3.00
* Have a good communication skill

You will be:

placed in one of Division in our Finance & Accounting Department. Your daily responsibilities will involve the aspects of Finance, Accounting and Tax. The placement will be based on your capability and capacity both in your personal aspect and in your technical aspect.

Would rock if you:

* Control and do administration work relates with the responsibilities given and ensuring it follows the rule of the company and complying to government rule

* Analysis the work and create innovation to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of accounting

* Coordinate with other department regarding your work and responsibilities to ensure the system works correctly and the departments are complying with the rules

* Create and improve the working system to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your work

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This position is located at our very soon HQ at Green Lake City, West Jakarta, Indonesia

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